Albany Medical Center School of Nursing (AMCSN)


In 1954 plans were underway to reduce tuition, create a paid internship and shorten the preclinical period of UUSN. These preliminary plans developed into the establishment of Albany Medical Center School of Nursing, a three-year diploma program under Albany Hospital ís board of governors. In 1958 the Educational Unit and McDonald Lounge were dedicated. At one time AMCSN was the largest diploma nursing program in New York State . The first male nursing student graduated in 1961. In 1973 an affiliation was established with Junior College of Albany for six college courses for a total of 21 college credits. In 1983, AMCSN contracted with the College of St. Rose for five three-credit courses. In 1982, nursing was acknowledged as an autonomous profession with the passage of the Nurse Practice Act, which distinguished between nursing practice and medical practice. Fewer nurses were entering practice from hospital nursing schools while more were graduating from associate or bachelor of science degree programs.

This trend led to the demise of AMCSN in 1989.

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